THE STEELHEART PLAN ….. Shelter, Affordable Houses and Food Security

1) GROWSPAN STRUCTURES - Extensive use of GrowSpan structures to provide immediate short term shelter, building and assembly plants for panelized housing, and indoor hydroponic farming. They are easy to put up and can be taken down. They are inexpensive and can be purchased or leased.

2) AFFORDABLE HOUSES - Build small houses from 144 sq’ to 1200 sq’.  The company has a background in panelized housing with light gauge steel and stick construction.  We will train workers on each phase of the building process and offer employment.  With skills and income, those in need can find a path to elevate out of poverty.  Initial designs include Park Models as shown on the left, and Bungalows, which can be a single 288 sq’ unit, or a duplex with 144 sq’ with loft on either side.  Ideal for ag workers, students or the homeless. The Park Models are ideal for seniors, young couples of a single parent with kids.

One facility producing 136 houses year one and 909 houses year five project $700,000 before tax profit year one and $4.8 million year five respectively. Our goal is to have at least 16 plants operable by Year 5 producing collectively over 10,000 houses generating pre-tax profits of $78 million.  Even that won’t put a dent in the demand for affordable houses.

3 )FOOD SECURITY -  Hydroponic farming (growing food without soil) in an indoor, controlled environment enables one to grow much more food organically, using a small fraction of the water compared to outdoor cultivation.  The various forms include aquaponics which combines fish with vegetable growing, and aeroponics which involves vertical farming with nutrients sprayed on the roots.  The picture on the right shows a HydroCycle system that is 51’ wide, 10’ long with four levels having roughly 336 plant sites.  Eighteen units can be placed in a 30’ x 96’GrowSpan facility. 

The picture on the left is a Garden Tower II, a patio farm with 50 plant sites.  A Verma compost tube in the middle provides nutrients from kitchen scraps with the help of red wiggler worms.  This system is ideal for a single home.  No weeding, and fresh organic vegetables from farm to fork in minutes.  We can include one in the cost of a single home is the buyer desires.

INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY – Steelheart is seeking $500,000 investment capital from one or more investors for 25% interest in Steelheart International LLC.  Investors will be secured by a UCC 1 on the assets of the company and receive the greater of 10% per annum or 25% of the profits.  They will also receive a priority return of capital out of 80% of the profits, with pro-rata share of profits thereafter.  Original investors will partake in the profits of additional plants as expansion takes place.  The first project will serve as a replicable model.  Funding for additional plants can be provided by Over-The Counter grants from the State to individual cities and counties …. almost all of whom are in need of shelter, food security and affordable housing.  Contact information for interested investors appears below.

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Roger Morgan, Steelheart International, Lincoln, Ca 95648 (916) 434 5629