Message from the Founder

Guiding Principles


Steelheart International Foundation is a non-profit (501c3) whose mission is to provide safe, affordable housing, water, sanitation, power and food security, primary for Africa. Our focus is currently on Sierra Leone, one of the poorest countries in Africa where they need everything. In recent years they have endured a civil war, the Ebola outbreak. More recently, owing to climate change, flooding and landslides have wiped out thousands of houses and claimed thousands of lives. But even prior to these disasters, people were relegated to taking drinking water from the same streams that hold raw sewage. Water borne disease and malaria from mosquitos are rampant. One out of four babies doesn’t even survive to age 5. That is tragic considering we can provide water purification equipment that can start the process of change immediately.

We have grander plans to build EcoVillages, to incorporate power, water purification, hydroponic operations to enhance food production and elevate people out of poverty. To prime the pump, so to speak, we are seeking up to $100,000 to ship some Aqua-Sun water purification equipment (www.aqua-sun-intl.com) there, and a little to cover travel time and expenses to solidify a contract with a Japanese company (www.i-domehouse.com) that has perfected a system to build up to 5,000 dome homes a year. We have alternate methods of building dome homes of all sizes (www.dftw.org), and a working relationship with the company to help build them. In both cases, these are the highest quality, longest lasting, most affordable houses we have yet discovered. They are impervious to mildew, mold, termites, and can withstand hurricane force winds. They will provide safe housing, and create a whole new industry in Sierra Leone and all of sub-Saharan Africa.

Roger Morgan, the Founder of Steelheart, has corporate executive background in International business development and finance with Caterpillar and Volvo. He, along with colleagues with similar experience and abilities, are working with the highest level of government in Sierra Leone, formulating financing plans to help provide public health, safety and shelters for the many people that need it. Your contributions will enable us lay the foundation for success.

Please consider donating today: https://www.youcaring.com/steelheartinternationalfoundation-906938