Diamond F Ranch
Business Plan
December 1, 2017

Capital Requirement - $1,500,000

Steelheart International Foundation is seeking equity partners and/or financing for up to $1.5 million to acquire the 63 acre Diamond F Ranch in Grass Valley, Nevada County, California and repurpose it from a thoroughbred training center to a highly productive agricultural center.


Create safe housing, food security, job training and jobs for the homeless while creating a high quality sustainable development in modern agricultural techniques, with a focus on hydroponics.


A unique and profitable agricultural community offering the utmost in nutritious and organic foods; a vehicle to increase the amount of locally grown and consumed food from 1 to 25%.


    Short Term – 1-5 years   
   Consistent with current zoning

Description of the Property

The Five Star Farms Property consists of 63 acres of beautiful land, located in Grass Valley, about 2 miles from the Nevada County Fairgrounds and about 4 miles from the center of town. Historically the property was a showcase for thoroughbred breeding and training, but currently suffers from deferred maintenance.  There are barns with 60 box stalls, which potentially can be converted to indoor agriculture and/or shelters.  A one-half mile track exists and ample acreage for outdoor cultivation and recreation.  There is currently no house on the property. The owners live in a Park Model, shown below. The property consists of six assessor parcels, and two legal parcels.  It is surrounded by nice country estates.  It is zoned agriculture, and was given an X designation roughly 60 years ago, which means it cannot be further subdivided.  One can theoretically build two main houses and two auxiliary houses with existing zoning.  Houses farm workers is allowed, albeit the County may be involved in determining to what extent.
Grass Valley is contiguous to Nevada City, both historic gold towns.  It is about 20 minutes to Auburn, and one hour to either Sacramento or Lake Tahoe.  

Steelheart Panelized Housing

Steelheart historically has been  engaged in building high quality, energy efficient and affordable panelized housing.  We primarily use light gauge steel construction with expanded polystyrene foam EPS). To the maximum extent possible we use cladding on the interior and exterior that is non-combustible and impervious to mildew, mold and termites.  On the next page is a picture of a small (10 x 12 w/4’ deck) house we built as a model.  The panels are made with steel studs embedded into  (EPS) The cladding inside and out is  Magnesium Oxide Board (MgO) which will not burn, then finished with acrylic stucco.  Following is picture of a Park model, similar to the one on the property.  It is indicative of the aesthetics of the units we intend to build. On the Diamond F Ranch, we intend to build one main house/lodge and one accessory house for the owner/managers.  A second home and accessary house can be built, in theory, on a four acre parcel where the lake is located.  However, there is a 100’ set back requirement and it isn’t known at this time if there is room.  Transferring the density to the rest of the property is a possibility. The main house can be used as hospitality house for owners and visitors.  The agricultural activities, especially from the vertical indoor farming, are projected to earn considerable income. Additional income can be derived from the panelization plant, horse boarding, outdoor cultivation and charging rent for housing farm workers.   

THE Future of Farming
Hydroponically, one can produce 100 to 200 lbs of produce in 1 sq’ of indoor space, vs 2.5 lbs per sq’ in outdoor space, and use only 5 to 10% of the water. This is THE future of farming and the answer to food security.   The facilities can be placed in any location and climate, and the produce is higher quality, more nutritious and free of pesticides and fertilizers.  With aquaponics, one can produce fish and use the water as nutrients for the plants, while the plants cleanse the water to return to the fish.  With aeroponics, plants are grown in vertical structures with nutrients sprayed on the roots.  We believe Indoor Farms of America in Las Vegas (www.indoorfarmsofamerica.com) is excellent for areoponics. Farmtek (www.teksupply.com) in Iowa is big in vertical farming as shown on the right.  There are other manufacturers as well.
Energy efficiency and humidity control are important for aeroponics or hydroponics. With regard to Diamond F, we will evaluate the economics of insulating the existing barns, versus constructing new buildings and/or buying containerized farms.

Contact Roger Morgan, CEO, Steelheart International, (916) 434 5629. rogermorgan339@gmail.com